Ryan Kerrigan bids farewell to Washington

There’s currently no indication that veteran pass rusher Ryan Kerrigan will sign a new contract with a new team. There’s every indication he won’t be signing a new contract with his old team.

Kerrigan has posted a farewell to Washington on social media.

“I’ll never be able to sum up what these past 10 years have meant to me in an Instagram post, but what I can say is that they have been some of the best of my life,” Kerrigan wrote. “I hope you had as much fun watching me as I did playing for you. Thank you, Washington, for everything.”

The 16th overall pick in the 2011 draft, Kerrigan is the all-time franchise sack leader with 95.5. He also has made it to four Pro Bowls.

Kerrigan became a free agent in March. Wherever his career continues, it apparently won’t continue in the only place he’s ever played pro football.